Central Sampling Cell
EODB Sample Tracking Facility

Benefits to Trade

Dwell time

Reduced Dwell time for Bills involving Sampling


Increased Transparency and Accountability of Labs/PGAs.


Safe and secure transport of the Trade Samples for testing at Labs.

Sample Tracking

Online Tracking of movement of the sample by Trade


Establishing identity of imported goods for claiming re-export benefits.


Centralized portal for all Sample related Information.


JNCH Customs has taken a digital initiative to put in place a state of the art Central Sampling Cell with advanced inventory management software with Track and Trace facility using QR codes.

The docks samples will be collected and sealed in the specifically designed Tamper proof Sample Covers with unique QR tracking codes and capture all the details in respect of drawn sample in the Samples Tracking Application to monitor, track and expedite the movement of the drawn sample.

The Samples Tracking Application aims at capturing entire lifetime of Docks sample with chronological timestamps since drawl till the submission of report by labs. In addition, Sample app also capture details like images of sample drawn, Tariff heading of sample, Lab test reports etc.